Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen


This is a book I wish many people could read. It really opens up your mind to what our children and ourselves have learned in our history classes. One of my favorite thoughts and quote from this book is how history books always have a sense of extreme nationalism and pride while chemistry books are titled chemistry. There is no chemistry book titled The Pride Of The Molecule.

History books are not flawed completely. Just authors take such liberties from the wording and even the truth of much of American history. They take away the blame and make it seem as if forces were beyond their control to cause such decisions.

This book opens up with the glimpse of what history we’ve missed out on. We are given such perfect images of presidents and even Helen Keller that we are taught to has one mind view on American history. Be proud and support your nation of heroes. Constantly on the cover with nationalism and incredible knowledge, history books are usually a plethora of factual information being twisted. Not extremely but just to avoid controversy. Children don’t enjoy history when pretty much every year their classes do not even reach history of America in the 1960s.

How about George Washington owned slaves or that Helen Keller was all about socialism? If we know these things, does their messages become tainted? They still caused huge change in this world and will forever be known? And their decisions made at their time should not be whitewashed and covered in ethos and emotional idol worship. For they were humans who made decisions bad or good based on what they wanted.

Maybe if we start seeing our American heroes as humans with large mistakes as the rest of us, we would stop always trying to achieve perfection.


Snow Flower and The Secret Fan



Finished my first book this week and it took less than twelve hours. A good read and really moving. It was not the greatest I’ve read but definitely a book that keeps your attention.

A great read. Some moments with the friendship of the two friends reminded me of my best friend back home and our plans in our lives that we made (our 30th, our first children, godmothers, etc) just to make sure that we stay together. I cried at moments when I realized that something simple can tear the greatest of friends apart.

It was a read that I devoured and I love books that I just submerge into.

Good for the first week.