Application Timeline

When I applied to the Peace Corps, many past Volunteers posted their process in abundance and it truly helped me through the months where I felt like I was abandoned by the system. Messages took way too long and people kept telling me to wait. But waiting for a year for a life changing decision is incredibly hard to do. So I wanted to help you out, reader and know that patience does not come easy. Patient is a constant struggle to hold everything together. And I hope to help you do so.

Started application in January 2013 but did not finish until May.

May 18, 2013– Submitted application and was sent Health Status Application which was finished twelve hours later. (It was a long night desperate to be ahead of my game.)

June 21, 2013– Was emailed to set up a time for an interview by a recruiter.

June 24, 2013– After a long interview, I was asked many questions that I was really nervous about even after Skype failed to work. SO on the phone, I talked too fast but at the end, my recruiter told me that she would like for me to work in the health sector based on my skills and experiences.

July 1, 2013– Yeah! I got my nomination today! Nominated without a tentative region or an estimated departure date.

July 9, 2013– Received legal kit in the mail. Went to police headquarters in my county for free fingerprinting services.

July 18, 2013– Finished and shipped legal kit.

July 27, 2013– Send all required medical documents and now they are under review.

July 30, 2013– Legal kit has been received by confirmation and the questionnaire.

August through September 2013 – HAD NO CONTACT or STATUS UPDATES, pulling hair out strand by strand.

September 13, 2013– Emailed recruiter and medical applicant portal and got word that my files in line to be reviewed.

September 29, 2013– Got email. I am medically PRE-CLEARED!!!

November 19, 2013– Peace Corps Suitability Security Office Determined that I am eligible for Peace Corps Duty and has legally precleared me for service.

December 3, 2013– Email asking for updated resume, transcript and extra health documents. It was all sent in by December 15, 2013.

January 17, 2013– Received an invitation by email to Zambia in June 2014! I am so excited to be part of the CHIP sector or the Community Health Improvement Project!

January 19, 2013 – Sent in invitation acceptance and started on passport and visa applications.

January 27, 2013– Completed all the required tasks under the New Student Portal like information for families, insurance, payment, and bonds for paychecks, as well as passport and visa applications.

January 29, 2013– Got and started completed all final medical documents. Physical and vaccines completed, dental exam done as well as x-rays.

February 16, 2013– Needed wisdom teeth extraction notes, back pain statement, final blood work and physical signed.

March 6, 2013– Finished all tasks for final medical clearance.

March 15, 2013– Problems with some tasks and needed more things evaluated and more tasks to be completed under medical clearance. Scanned a few days later.

March 27, 2014 – Emailed and was given the final medical clearance!!!!!

April – June: Lots of partying and filling out extra forms. Did the Learning Portal things including many activities

June 10: Staging Dates at Hotel in Philly

June 12: Finally came to flight to Lusaka, Zambia.




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