All About This Traveling Muse


As I start this journey, writing is the course that I will take. My voice is creased into these folds and I hope to increase not only my strength and the miles my feet have walked but also the memories.

I am 26. I live in countless places like in New York, Buffalo, Zambia, and now Chicago. I’ve visited over 12 countries and countless cities. My dream is to find an RV and drive around the country going to all the cool restaurants that were on Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

I love hard and I am a very passionate person. I enjoy good food, a great workout, sweet people, funny shows and comedy, ballet and music that I can drive to late at night, and ambitious driven people.

I am on tumblr, snapchat, and all those other time consuming apps. I don’t care for followers, or crazy fads. I just care about changing the world a little bit at a time, being really nice, working hard, loving deeply, and being eccentric.





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