Second Week: HIV/AIDS and PEPFAR

PEPFAR is a program to help us aid and teach our communities and districts with the rising problem of HIV and AIDS.

We started with counterparts who learned about the virus as we learned about reporting. My counterpart was Greenson who works with HIV and AIDS already in the community. He already knows more than me.

We had an entire day of training for teaching children about development, sexual education and protecting themselves.

Wednesday was Grassroot Soccer day! As a football fan and fan of children, here was a brilliant way to teach. With soccer and cones and brilliant encouraging moves, we got everyone inspired, motivated, and excited. And this was our Zambian friends. We were all exhausted from the training but was excited just from watching our counterparts ready for grassroot soccer brought back to the village.

The next few days we learned about puberty, women’s health, and violence against women that should be addressed under our HIV requirements as volunteers. We did skits that opened them up and be less shy about this topic. It was the most I have ever laughed during these skits.

The week was long. It was amazing to work so close with Greenson and see his excitement increase as he felt more capable to start projects. To watch him realize that it was possible just out of his own ability is the greatest feeling. Cause the volunteers’ job at the end of the day is not to be needed.


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