Leaving The Vill for Now

As I have to go to inter service training for two weeks and then Christmas with the volunteers, I’ll be out of the village for almost a month and few weeks. And then I’ll be traveling and so on. The last few months will be the most I’ll be in the village. So I’d like to go back and just summarize what has happened in three months that shows how much I’ve grown to love and be connected to my Lunchu.

Violet and me are gonna start a rap group but we haven’t thought of a name yet.

We are also gonna start an club for an agricultural show in May to showcase foods good for immunity and health but make honey roasted peanuts so the judges will choose us to win.

Fritters are always free for Megha.

If Megha wants something done, you better get it done or she will be disappointed. The village already knows my disappointment face.

Petrinella or Petti, Violet’s granddaughter has done the following in three months:
Turned 1 in October
Learned to walk first time in my house
Has a third tooth growing
Can scream Megha but only when I’m gone
Calls her grandmother Ma and grandfather Dada and her mother by her first name: Suzyo!!
Has become a runner and now can tackle people into falling
Weighs 12kg(?) which is a lot for a one year old and is as tall as a three year old

Carlos is now two months and few weeks old and follows me everywhere that I have to have people hold him for me to go anywhere.

Cecil my kitty is now eight weeks old and also freakishly fast and pouncing and adorable but also follows me and Carlos which means I have to run back and carry him home as he is still small enough to be stepped on.

Both are huge and don’t fit on my lap but they can’t sit on me one by one or the other gets jealous so my lap is always full. Carlos with his huge body and a small head poking out as Cecil tries to breathe underneath. But all in all, my boys are beautiful with no fleas or worms with their shots and no possibility of making me a grandmother here in Zambia. It’s all good at home in the village.

It’s sad to think I won’t see my boys for a few days nevertheless a whole month. To not see them race to my door when I open it in the morning racing to come inside and lick my feet. I don’t let them sleep inside as they are still young and think its cool to pee under my bed where I can’t reach. But when they are older and smarter, sure. To not have them around making me seem crazy to my neighbors when I’m yelling inside my hut or sarcastically acknowledging their actions.

Yes, Cecil put your entire body into that bowl.

Of course, Carlos, Cecil definitely doesn’t need to eat today. You do look famished so go ahead and finish that second bowl. It is wrongly labeled as Cecil. It should say, seconds for the Fattie.

It will be different after living under sun and wind to go into the capital.

To rejoin my Americans and celebrate Christmas and New Year in a country with no snow.

To see no tree lighting or ball drop.

To toast with no glass or run away from under mistletoe seeing the person you’d be stuck under with.

To stay in the capital and then travel as you celebrate the new year.

Leaving the village is tough for me as I just established home but what is great about traveling is the moment you realize it’s time to come home and I have that here. A place I can come and throw my bags down, my boys at the door acting as I never left and a home cooked meal and all I have to do is knock and ask for a plate.

Home is what is waiting for me when I get back.






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