Last Week Of Community Entry

My last week began with a trip to Kapiri for a bus schedule pick up and tickets.

Usually people hitch rides to places but seriously I’m still scared to do many things but the fact that many people travel log distances for almost no money can be a sign that it is a great way to travel.

Hitching is easy and reliable but it can be annoying to wait upon. There are people who charge but most don’t as they are just nice enough to help you along.

But I wanted a bus. A simple bus to get me on my way to Serenje and easy peezy. So I bought a post bus ticket for 70 bucks. Well, actually I have friends at the post office who bought and reserved it for me. Yes, Meghan is rich in Zambian friends.

I got so many letters from people and though it’s a month later, it felt good to see Happy Birthday. Thanks again for that. I bought some minuscule things and some money for food when I’m at the central house and went home.

It was a hot day and I was happy to just be home. I spent time with family and went to the clinic and enjoyed my last days of community entry.

Most volunteers skip out of community entry and visit people far and wide. I did no such thing. My community and I got so close that I am proud of my patience. Many have traveled around and seen people and events. Many have visited towns and places far away and I should’ve done those things. But when I come back, people will know me better than their villages would. I am proud of the time I put in my village. I stuck around and got to know as much as I can. And though it was great, it gives me more reason to travel now. Visit villages all around and come home and do work.

I enjoy being in my village quite a lot. It’s like being home after traveling and saying goodbye Monday morning was tough but quick. Even Violet came out to say congratulations on the end of my first three months and a hug goodbye.

The week went by like water dripping through the seams of our fingers. It was nice. I’ll be back right? Why should I be so sad?

Because I won’t see my family everyday for three moths after this. I’ll see them but I’ll be busy out of village so much that two months straight is the most I can do. Camps, meetings in Lusaka, traveling. So much will make these months fade. And in blink, just as these months has been, just as this last week had been, I’ll be saying goodbye forever.


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