White Teeth by Zadie Smith

Now this is a book.

white teeth

This is a book that will rival many books you have read in your lifetime.

It will churn your insides in disbelief and contemplation.

I finished this book still not understanding much about the purpose of the story and wanting more of the ending but those are not at all signs of a bad book.

Zadie Smith knows how to write. Reading this book really humbled me and made me feel as if writing might not happen because this girl is too good.

She knows how to weave a story and write a language and method and style unique to her stories.

Read this book. Not even a suggestion. It is a must read.

Three families are brought together as three children grow up to fathers old enough with too many paternal strings pulling at their lives and imposing so many views as their lives deal around fate, faith, love and lack of it all. It is a story that shakes you and I promise you it will because it made me feel so lost at the end. Not confused but just mesmerized at the effects our pasts can have even if it is not our own past that pulls at the road we take in our lives.



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