Clinic Work Is No Lie

Future Plans
My job as a health volunteer is not typical nurse work. I don’t work with patients or at the clinic exclusively as other volunteers do. LIFE volunteers work with farmers especially whole REDs work in schools as teachers. We don’t work with the clinic, we work with the community government and village groups as a whole to improve the health of the community. I work with the NHC or neighborhood health committees and improve their idea of their volunteer job.

Watching my community have leaders who barely do their job just shows how much work I have to do. NHC training is definitely number one on my list.

UCI at Ifikoko

I arrived later than the clinic workers but a motorbike arrived before my slow mountain bike. I also was extremely tired. Americans get extra thirsty here. I drink about 48 to 72 oz of water a day if I am working or moving or cycling. Even more especially during these hot months. My stash of crystal light is depleting. On a normal day, 24 oz is nothing. Chug that with some pineapple drink mix. The only way to cool down. But today, water was low and I didn’t plan efficiently. I did plan but we left early and we reached later. All the workers kept pushing my talks to later.




UCI at Katonda B

Biking from my home to this UCI was a test of wills. Mostly because of hills.

Goodness, are my legs tired but I was prepared with water and music. I reached there forty minutes before the clinic and met a new and possible counterpart.

NHC training is a Must. It is a volunteer job that they don’t understand and expect money from.
HIV is another important study an talk I need to do more about. I need to implement topic hats and talks more often. Facilitate good communication between me and my audience to he them asking more questions.

So much work to do. This work is no lie.


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