Respect Is All You Need

So far, my days in October have become filled with staying inside and keeping to myself because no one comes to October events. Every talk started three hours later. Every request is forgotten and when reminded, pushed aside for more priorities. There is only a certain time for work in these hot days. 8-10. Nothing after that. And the only work that is important is field plowing. Everything else is handled if and only if there is time. So meetings are missed and or late. Church maybe and if I need help construction wise or searching for something for my dog and cat… Not important.

It’s striking to see that much lack. Of effort but it isn’t lack of it. It is prioritizing of life and energy and using efficient methods over luxury. This is plowing time. If you don’t prioritize crops, you will be broke the next year.

It makes sense. Health education will not bring in income.

I remember worrying about waiting for my talks to happen and meetings pushed back so often I have finished another page of writing or chapters of books waiting. But time is elastic here.
Violet came to me one day escorting my host mom to the road for a church meeting in the city that goes through all night and she will return tomorrow night. She laughed when I asked if she was going.

“I’m sorry but I respect sleep too much.”

I wake up at 6 every morning and cooking by seven. I work hard until late at night and I realized her words hit me further. All my work at home is easy. All my meetings are not meant at 9. They are actually at 12 or 2 pm. Which means sleep returns in my morning.

Cooking is later and maybe even a cold morning shower can refresh me for the hot day.

It is okay that things have slowed on this village. It is okay that I have not accomplished as much as other volunteers have. Respect sleep. Respect the priorities of yor neighbors. They are not disrespecting you. Their lives are busy. They see something important on the horizon. So when you look into your lives and see opportunities squandered and people seem as to disrespect your time, remember that that maybe not the case. They have income and chores and work and they may respect why you do but they may need sleep before going to work at six. Move with the flow. Bring a good book. A playlist. Cause those who care, really care will come.



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