Final Week

This week is my last week with my host family. They have already started crying and I’ll miss their kind hearts. They showed me that Zambia is not scary or frightening. That people don’t just survive here but love and live. They showed me that there are more kind Zambians than there are to fear. That to give people chances even if they speak no English or have no resemblance to cultures you are used to. They taught me to never limit myself.

After this week, we will move back to Lusaka and join back together with the REDs and celebrate and finish our PST. For a moment, I thought I wouldn’t get here but I will stand up to all the ambassadors and Zambian councils and fully be declared a volunteer on Aug 29. That night will be a huge blast!

I love you all and miss you greatly but this side of the Earth moves quicker than it does on your side. It is just built that way. I don’t know why but because life is faster when larger changes and moves happens and to me, these last few months have become a blur. Peace Corps to family is long but to volunteers, it speeds by and soon I’d be wishing to never leave. Because it changes you hard and challenges you hard and loves you and builds you. This service is already beginning and yet it feels like I’ve always been here all along.






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