The days drag, the weeks fly.

Every day here has been a mess of changing situations. The night can differ from the morning you woke from. Changes happen quickly when abroad and decisions made are decisions forged. Make a choice and stick with it or be considered horrible at your job. I had no choice the last few weeks. I had to go through a turmoil of turn around personalities and mass confusion and I’m glad to say it will not stop me. I love this job.

Remember one important thing when winds change. When decisions made are given up. When days differ from the nights. When you want to take back words or wish you had said more. Remember those are the waves that pelt you. Except you are behind the wheel. Don’t let the cold spray frighten you or let the cloudy sky lose your way.

Trust the strength inside you and if the waves push off course, have that strength to accept the change.




And if that strength never fades, then who cares of the waves push too hard. Who cares if the shore you dreamed of disappeared back into your mind? Why would it matter if it took you longer across than you planned?
Because if the waves tested you, and they changed you, you were always meant to be where you end up.




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